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Help Graduate 200 Rural Pastors in Uganda


The Pastors Training Centre operates a one-year theological training program that reaches pastors in remote villages throughout Uganda. Most of these pastors are farmers who barely earn enough to feed their families.


Every year, the Pastors Training Centre provides seminary-style education to 200 rural church leaders who do not meet the educational requirements or have the financial means to attend seminary. The education is offered to them free of charge, and classes are held in partnership with local churches. The goal is to present each of these 200 pastors with a study bible upon their graduation, providing them with a valuable resource for their ongoing work.

Funding Needs

The Pastors Training Centre has committed to a co-payment of $1,400, and we are seeking your partnership in contributing $2,600 to bridge the remaining gap.



In order to meet the greatest need possible, your gift will first be used for this opportunity. However, if this goal is already met, your gift will go to support the entire mission of the God's Word for Africa program.

With your help we can continue to satisfy Africa’s thirst for God’s Word.

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