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Bibles for Pastors and Leaders

Your monthly donation will equip pastors and leaders in Africa with contextualized and relevant discipleship tools such as the Africa Study Bible, NLT: Africa Edition Bibles, and other resources. Your money will help those who cannot afford these resources and are ministering among poor rural communities.

As often as possible the recipients of the Africa Study Bible receive training on how to most effectively utilize the various features of this unique resource, in their teaching and ministries.

We will send you periodic email updates about who benefits from your generosity along with photos and prayer points. Once your Bibles have been delivered, you will experience the impact of your monthly commitment in a very real way. You will be inspired by the stories about Bible students and rural pastors.

Not sure how much to give each month? As a guide, the average cost of a Bible, including printing and distribution, is $25. So, if you choose to give a $25 gift each month, you’ll be providing one Bible along with the offered training. Every extra $25 you give will equip one more ministry leader.

Thank you for meeting the need for God's Word!

Want to mail a check? Send it to:

Oasis International Ltd.

2045 W Grand Ave Ste B, PMB 42474

Chicago, IL 60612

Thank you for your support.

$25 will equip and train ministry leaders, month after month!

Sponsor a Project

Africa Study Bibles for Leading Theological Associations

Learn More and Give

Contextual resources for 300 Church Leaders in Southern-Africa.

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304 Africa Study Bibles for African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya

Learn More and Give

Growing Discipleship in Malawi

Learn More and Give

320 Bible Clubs in Malawi need your help

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God’s Word for the Unreached

Over 250 million people in Africa are unreached by the Gospel. Equip African Christian leaders to reach them with God's Word!
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Bibles for School Children

There are over 170 million schoolchildren in sub-Saharan Africa and you can equip them with God's Word to study!
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Bibles to War-impacted Cameroon Churches

We have identified hundreds of churches without Bibles. With the current Anglophone crisis, many villages were burned and the people fled without any belongings. The Bible is a spiritual weapon for them in this time of crisis.
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Train Pastors in Kenya, Sierra Leone*, and Uganda

Dr. John Jusu, from Africa International University, is known for his experience and ability to train in non-formal settings. He will be training pastors each in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Uganda, enriching the church from one side of the continent to the other by equipping pastors in three countries
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Equip Anglican Pastors in Uganda

Anglican pastors in Bukedi Diocese need a contextualized tool to help them interpret the Scriptures and expand the Kingdom of God in Uganda.
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