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Africa Study Bibles for Young Christian Leaders


In Uganda, Christ is raising up an army of servant leaders. The African Bible University in Uganda is training pastors and Christian leaders at a college level, equipping them to serve local churches in the communities where God has called them to lead.


Tragically, the pastors and leaders who attend this program have limited access to good theological resources like commentaries, study Bibles, Bible dictionaries, and quality Christian literature. These pastors-in-training also come from marginalised communities, and are unable to afford the resources they need.

Oasis is partnering with the African Bible University to provide pastoral students with copies of the Africa Study Bible. This incomparable resource offers students an all-in-one tool for biblical content, theology, history, and culture.

Not only will this resource help pastors in their current studies, but the Africa Study Bible will provide a powerful tool as they return to preach in their communities.

Funding Needs

$500 dollars is needed to help 25 students acquire the Africa Study Bible, impacting hundreds of believers in their home congregations.


In order to meet the greatest need possible, your gift will first be used for this opportunity. However, if this goal is already met, your gift will go to support the entire mission of the God's Word for Africa program.

With your help we can continue to satisfy Africa’s thirst for God’s Word.

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