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Provide Bibles for a Young Church in Liberia


Hilltop Citizens’ Church in Liberia is a young church established to care for the discipleship and spiritual growth of a recent evangelistic effort's new converts. Though the church has a lead pastor, Bible class teachers, and children’s church teachers, they don’t have access to something crucial—Bibles.

Currently, Hilltop Citizens’ Church needs study Bibles for their pastors and teachers, as well as text Bibles for the congregation. By allowing this Liberian congregation to soak in God’s Word, the spiritual growth of both leaders and church members will greatly increase.


The lead pastor of Hilltop Citizens’ Church regularly organizes training for the church’s assistant pastors, Bible class teachers and children's church teachers. Oasis International has partnered with Hilltop to provide 5 copies of the Africa Study Bible for the lead pastor, assistant pastors, and the children church leaders, as well as 25 copies of the New Living Translation (NLT): Africa Edition Bible to enhance the discipleship and spiritual growth of the congregation.

Funding Needs

Hilltop Citizens’ Church has pledged to give $10 for each copy of the Africa Study Bible and $2 for each copy of the NLT Text Bible. This leaves $228.25 still needed to completely fund this project.


In order to meet the greatest need possible, your gift will first be used for this opportunity. However, if this goal is already met, your gift will go to support the entire mission of the God's Word for Africa program.

With your help we can continue to satisfy Africa’s thirst for God’s Word.

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