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Equip ministers serving student and youth fellowships in Nigeria


Ministers of the gospel, serving with Scripture Union Nigeria, are reaching out to public schools through school fellowships, Bible classes, and evangelistic campaigns for the students and youth living in the rural areas of the south-east and south-south part of Nigeria. These leaders are in need of contextualized Study Bibles. Getting the Africa Study Bible that would aid them to be effective in the discharge of their duties towards the youth and students who are the future leaders of the church in Nigeria.


Scripture Union Nigeria  periodically organizes trainings for these Pastors. Scripture Union (SU) equips them with books and devotionals. Scripture Union has collaborated with Oasis International to provide these Ministers with the Africa Study Bible. SU has scheduled Ministers' and Pastors' Training for these Pastors. This mission needs 100 copies of the Africa Study Bibles for the pastors serving in these rural areas of Nigeria. Support this Bible project and contribute towards bringing about the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

Funding Needs

Scripture Union Nigeria has pledged to give $5 per for each copy of the Africa Study Bible. $1,700 is needed for complete funding of this project. Each Africa Study Bible cost $22. Five Africa Study Bibles cost $110 and ten copies of the Africa Study Bible cost $220. A total of $2,200 will ensure that all 100 pastors are equipped with Bibles.

In order to meet the greatest need possible, your gift will first be used for this opportunity. However, if this goal is already met, your gift will go to support the entire mission of the God's Word for Africa program.

With your help we can continue to satisfy Africa’s thirst for God’s Word.

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